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Meet Cheyenne

1. What made you decide to do a boudoir session with Kandalyn?

I have always been interested in doing a photo shoot like this. However, I have never had the confidence to actually do one. I was added to her boudoir group by a friend and fell in love with her work! She is so talented!


2. How did you feel before your session?

So, I didn’t know what to expect going into the session… I was very nervous and anxious about it! I talked to a friend who had already done the photo shoot and she told me that it would be fun and that Kandalyn would make you feel comfortable and sexy! I also messaged Kandalyn about what to expect and what to get to wear. I love that she always gets back with me right away and gave me some really cute ideas of what to bring and to expect!


3. Describe how hair and makeup went with Darcy and Hayley

Darcy did a GREAT job on my hair! I absolutely loved it! I did the Pin Up session and I was not sure how my hair was going to be styled. Darcy had some really cute ideas and I told her what I liked and she brought it to life! Hayley did my makeup and it was GORGEOUS! I am not one who spends a lot of time on my makeup but I loved how it looked! She really did a great job with making the makeup go with the theme of the shoot! I was getting complements on both my hair and makeup all day long!


4. Describe how your session went, and what Kandalyn was like while directing the session?

My session went better than I could have ever hoped! From the time I got there till the time that I left Kandalyn had everyone feeling good! The environment was just a fun and laid back back! One thing I was nervous about was the posing! But as the shoot went on Kandalyn was showing me sexy poses that made me feel really good about myself and my body! I loved that she seemed to be getting even more excited with every photo she took!


5. How did you feel after the session, and then again once you received your gallery?

After the session I was feeling very good about myself! From the beginning when we started with my hair and makeup to the posing and the excitement of the shoot I was in the best mood and couldn’t wait to get my gallery! Once I got the gallery the excitement started all over again! All the pictures turned out SO GOOD!


6. Would you recommend to others to do this? Why or why not?


I would definitely recommend this to everyone! It was such a great and fun experience! I have never done anything like it and I can’t wait to do it again! It helped boost my self-confidence and made me feel so beautiful and sexy! I think this is something every woman should do, even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing the pictures with others, it is something that you can always look back at to make you feel great about yourself and your body!

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