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This is our happily ever after <3

I love to tell the story of how I became friends with the former Hill sisters. I worked with Justin at UU 5 years ago, and almost 2 years ago, his wife Emily made a post about having just gone through a miscarriage. Even though I didn't know her, something she said spoke to my heart, and I reached out to her asking if she would like me to pray for her as she heals and as she is on her journey to motherhood.

We became quick friends, and soon got pregnant together for our boys. She already had a step son and step daughter who she loved as her own, but really had a desire to experience pregnancy and birth for herself as well. I prayed for her throughout her entire pregnancy (and boy did Tucker keep us on our toes with several ER visits and a helicopter flight!!). I was able to photograph her pregnancy, sweet newborn pictures, and several other sessions in between--every time just loving her and her family even more.

I was introduced to Jessica Shaw through a mutual friend Jessamine because Jessica was beginning her foster care journey, and Jessamine thought that I would be a good support system for her as she went through the process. As soon as Jessica and I chatted, we just loved each other so much immediately. I began praying for her as she was beginning to get licensed and remember when she got her first call to become a foster mother. I was blessed to be able to photograph the adoption of Reni, and have completely fallen in love with her family.

I recently opened a studio in downtown Bellefontaine, and I couldn't think of 2 better families to have some of my first sessions with. I will still be doing a lot of outdoor family sessions, but what a beautiful place to have some indoor sessions as well!

My "vision" for the studio is to do boudoir, family sessions, children's milestone, and parts of senior sessions so make sure to be watching my page for these examples (for examples of boudoir--send me an email as I keep this page private!).

Of course the session with Emily and Jessica's families were so incredibly sweet--from moments with their families individually, to some of the cousin's pictures as well. It was so special to see my vision come to life behind the camera as I captured these beautiful moments between each member in their family. <3

Families like the McCulla's and Shaw's become my family as I get to capture their special moments, their laughter and kisses as they go through different seasons of life and growth. I am forever thankful to my clients for letting me be that person for them. <3

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