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Hello Friends!!! A little about us:

Hello!!!  Kandalyn here---I always wonder what to write when it comes to my life. I am a mom to my wild wolf pack (7,6,5,4 and 18 months), married to the man of my dreams, photographer, and I love to help women learn to love themselves and feel beautiful. 

I got my first camera to play around with because I wanted to take pictures for my friends and family, and didn't realize how much I would fall in love with it.  It didn't take long for me to upgrade my camera and start learning from some of the best photographers and editors--knowing this was something I was called to do. 

I love photography because it captures a moment in time that you cannot get back. Our kids only giggle a certain way for a short period of time, learn to walk, have their 3rd birthday once, head to school, get senior pictures, and get married--and before we know it, we are only left with the memories and pictures of the beautiful years that passed us by.  I don't want to just capture these moments in my family, but in yours as well. 

Hello from Tony!!

I am the other half to "Kandalyn and Tony Green Photography" I am a pastor at the Church on Detroit, dad to our crazies, and married to the most beautiful woman in the world.

I have been helping Kandalyn with her photography business behind the scenes since she started--from doing all of her pictures for marketing, building her website, editing, and second shooting weddings, but as her client base grew--she really needed another full time photographer.  

Since I have always loved helping her, it only made sense for me to step into that role.  I photograph primarily Senior guys, families, dudoir, businesses and marketing material, and weddings.  I'm so blessed to be able to work with my wife as we grow this business together.