Maternity Client Wardrobe Options


Ivory lace fits most sizes S-L


Emerald green--adjustable sizes S-XL

"Queen of Hearts"

Dark Pink Lace--adjustable S-XL

"Golden Sunset"

Gold and sparkly-adjustable S-XL


Ivory with minimal lace, fits most S-M

"Emerald Beauty"

Black lace top (needs black or white tank underneath) with dark green flowy crushed velvet. Adjustable L-4XL


White lace with or without rainbow belt, fits most S-L


Pink lace off the shoulder fits most S-L


Royal blue tight strapless dress with flowey train  S-M

"Black Beauty"

Lace see through top (wear black or nude bra/tank underneath) with spikes and fringe on shoulders. Low cut without tank.  Adjustable S-XL


Off the shoulders dark red dress.  Fits most S-L


Crochet top--looks cute with or without jean jacket.  Fits most S-L


Lace see through top (nude bra or tank required)  Adjustable S-XL


Gold and sparkly-adjustable S-XL


Maroon lace off the shoulders, fits most S-L


Bright purple lace off the shoulders, fits most S-L


Light Pink off the shoulders, fits most S-L


Bright red v-neck--slightly off the shoulders, with train, fits most S-L


Mustard Yellow, v-neck--slightly off the shoulders with train (same as cardinal dress just a different color)  Fits most S-L

"Smokey Delight"

Gray crochet top with adjustable flowy skirt. Fits most S-L


Ivory crochet top with adjustable flowy skirt (can be worn in the winter with fur to make warmer. Fits most S-L


Gray table cloth doily dress. Adjustable XS-L

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