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What can I expect when I get there? 

You will come upstairs to the studio where you will have a 30 minute hair, 30 minute makeover first--then your session will start. If your session is booked on a boudie day---I will have other professional hair and makeup artists there to pamper you, but on normal boudoir sessions where they aren't back to back, I will be doing your hair and makeup. It is the perfect time to hang out and have fun--I get to know you, and it helps you feel more relaxed before your session.

How do payment plans work? 

It is $100 to book your session, and we can set up the rest of your payments according to what works for you. Some people pay a little every week, others every other week.  Your session fee is due before your pictures are taken, but you can take up to 3 months afterwards to pay for your printing/gallery.  You do not get your gallery/book until after it is paid off. 

Do I have to schedule on boudie day, or are there other dates available?

I schedule a boudie day every few months where sessions are back to back and usually have some theme (feel free to join my facebook group for updates and a community of supportive women here) but normal boudoir sessions are at my studio in Bellefontaine on Tuesdays, Thursdays and *some* weekends.   Feel free to email at or message me on our facebook page for other dates available.

What if I am concerned about my belly area

I am going to capture all of your best features, and since I have taken posing classes on how to pose women of all body types, I will make sure to capture all of your best features (and most poses don't show stomach area anyway!  Feel free to send me pictures of the lingerie you are thinking of getting so I can help you pick the best for your body type!) 

What ways can I pay? 

I take cash, check, paypal, or I can send an invoice to pay with debit or credit card

When do people get these boudoir sessions taken?

Christmas, wedding, anniversary, or Valentine's Day are the main holidays that people do boudoir sessions for; however, sometimes surprise gifts are the best!!! Sometimes it is just a gift to yourself as well to remind YOU that you are sexy and have value. 

If you have other questions, feel free to message me directly! I want you to feel as comfortable as possible! 

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