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boudoir by kandalyn trans.png

Here is the fun part!!! Choosing which outfits you will wear for your boudoir session.  There are so many different types of lingerie, and other fun accessories that can add to your session. I love stockings, fishnets, heels, robes, bulky sweaters (that come down to show your shoulder), or anything fur!! Everyone needs to have at least one amazing bodysuit that makes them feel amazing--and merrywidows or corsets also look amazing on every type of body--but with cheeky undies instead of a g-string. (sometimes g-strings just look like a dark butt crack in pictures) Feeling confident in your lingerie make it so much more fun. Feel free to embrace anything that makes you special or your significant other special--whether it is something military related, police officer, or fire fighter.  Here are some examples of different outfits/accessories that I love--but if you are unsure of what looks best on your body, feel free to message me to send you examples!

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