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Meet Ryin

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1. You've done other boudoir sessions before--what was the difference in working with Kandalyn vs. other photographers?

The first two times I did “boudoir photos I had my best friend take them in my home which of course looked generic and armature. The third time I did them to help a friend who was just starting out and opening a “studio” in her house. These pictures came out looking more professional but still not what I was looking for. I didn’t have much direction during these first sessions so I was very unsure of how to pose, where to look, or how to look sexy. I felt so uncomfortable and awkward the entire time. I did a maternity/Swoon session with Kandalyn before my boudoir shoot with her and I fell in love with the gallery I received. I decided then once I had my daughter and felt comfortable with my body again I was going to do a full boudoir session with Kandalyn. After having my baby, I was very down on myself because I went from a size pre-pregnancy to barely being able to fit in a size 6. I knew I was never going to be “comfortable” in my body. So I decided to just go for it. I was so nervous leading up to my session and walking into it. Kandalyn made me feel so at ease from the time I stepped in the studio. She did my hair and make-up and made me look and feel beautiful. She directed me on how to pose, where to look, how to breathe to get that pure sexy face, and where to put my hands because let’s be honest who knows what to do with your hands?!?! HAHA Over all my experience with Kandalyn was like no other. From the start to finish there was amazing conversation and lots of laughter. My nerves I had when walking in just melted away

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2.  You got maternity/swoon pictures as well as post-maternity pictures with Kandalyn, what was your favorite thing about each session?

My favorite thing from my maternity/swoon session is the fact that Kandalyn was able to make my spouse comfortable and he actually enjoyed it (he hates doing photos). Which made the outcome of our shoot so much better than expected. The photos from that session will be something I treasure for the rest of my life and we connected more than ever during the shoot.

My favorite things from my post-maternity shoot is capturing how perfect my little rainbow baby is and the transformation my body went through to get her here. I have had multiple miscarriages and never thought I would become a mother. Kandalyn took such amazing photos of all our beautiful moments. I will forever be so grateful to Kandalyn for making my experiences amazing and giving me the photos of each of our special milestones over the years and the many more to come!


3.  Why did you decide to get pictures done with Kandalyn?

I decided to get pictures by Kandalyn because my best friends always had her family photos done by her and I absolutely loved how great they came out every time. She was so good at catching the best candid shots along with some amazingly beautiful moments to treasure as memories. I realized one day that I actually knew Kandalyn from school and thought it would also be nice to reconnect. Our wedding photographer dropped out last minute and I wanted to schedule Kandalyn to do them but she had not yet started shooting weddings and was booked the day of ours. I told myself then I would schedule with her for our family photos then. Life got in the way and we did not get a chance to schedule with Kandalyn until we found out we were pregnant. I scheduled our announcement/Family shoot with Kandalyn. From there she has done all our sessions our gender reveal, our maternity, our daughters newborn photos, our new family photos, my sisters senior pictures, my boudoir shoot, and next our daughters first birthday pictures.

4. What would you say was your biggest take away from getting your boudie pictures done?

My biggest take away from having Kandalyn do my boudie photo shoot was how amazing I felt during and after the shoot. I felt confidence I never have before. After seeing my sneak peek and then my photo reveal I look at myself in a new light. I have never felt sexy to be honest I always felt like my body looked like a 12-year-old boy. Seeing the photos made me realize that I am beautiful and sexy in the skin I am in


5.  Would you recommend someone getting their pictures done by Kandalyn? Why or why not?

I would absolutely recommend someone get pictures done by Kandalyn. Any and every kind of shoot Kandalyn will be my number one recommendation but definitely for boudoir. I have never met someone that is a natural at making women feel the way she does! Kandalyn is not only my favorite photographer but she is has become an amazing friend and inspiration in my life!

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