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Meet Shanna

1. What made you decide to do a boudoir session with Kandalyn?

I've wanted to do this for my husband for quite a while. We have 4 kids under 8 and we work opposite shifts, him as a UPS driver and me as a nurse. Too often we are like ships passing in the night, and when we are together I feel like he tends to get the left over me....the exhausted hot mess mom that just wants to sleep. Haha! I booked a session with another photographer for our 10 year anniversary last year, but I chickened out and cancelled. See, I wanted to show him so badly that the woman he married was still buried under the mess, but honestly, I doubted that she was. I've seen Kandalyn's work through my pure romance consultant and I always admired it. She had a last minute opening and my hubby got an expected day off so I impulsively jumped on it! 


2. How did you feel before your session?

I had a 3 hour drive to think about it and by the time I got there I was pretty nervous and worked up. Being pregnant or breastfeeding for 10 years straight (not to mention the heaviest I've ever been) I felt like I lost myself. I definitely wasn't planning on enjoying myself at this shoot, my goal was to get "get through it" for my hubby.


3. Describe how hair and makeup went with Darcy and Hayley:

They were amazing. As soon as I walked in they started including me in conversation. I did the pinup boudie day so Darcy showed me some hair ideas and went to town! And Hayley knew just what to do with my makeup to compliment the hairstyle Darcy chose. They calmed me down by talking about all kinds of things the entire time they were pampering me, and made me feel old Hollywood glamorous!


4. Describe how your session went, and what Kandalyn was like while directing the session?

 Kandalyn knew exactly what to say and how to pose me (from the top of my head to the to the tips of my toes) to make me feel comfortable and beautiful. We have a ton in common and immediately clicked, I'm pretty sure we'd be BFF's if we didn't live 3 hours apart! She could tell when I was getting nervous or uncomfortable and would talk me down and even showed me a couple unedited shots to prove to me that my fears were unfounded.


5. How did you feel after the session, and then again once you received your gallery?

 I left with more confidence in myself than I think I've probably ever had. She gave me "me" back and I'll forever be grateful for that. When I got my gallery I couldn't believe how amazing the pictures were. I'm seriously in love with every single one. I'm still in shock that I'm looking at myself in them!


6. Would you recommend to other to do this with Kandalyn? Why or why not?

YES! I promise if you're thinking about doing this, it is worth it!! It will give you so much confidence in yourself!

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