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Meet Sheena


1. What made you decide to do boudoir photos?

"I've always considered boudoir pictures but have been too nervous to ever book. The past few years have been a time of self growth towards the goal of being happier and healthier. I'm continually a work in progress striving to be a better version of myself in all aspects of life and ultimately chose to have them done as a celebration of my newfound confidence. A total bonus was the fact that my hubby was going to flip when he saw them!"


2. Why did you choose to have your pictures done with Kandalyn vs. someone else?

"A friend had family pics done with Kandalyn and I fell in love with her style and started following all her pages. It's evident how gifted she is as a photographer with the rare ability to truly capture in a moment what we all want to see. I can tell Kandalyn loves what she does and it shines in her work."


3. Explain what it is was like walking into the session and starting with hair and makeup

"I'm pretty tomboyish and reserved, so this whole overall experience at first felt wayyy out of my comfort zone and I was super nervous. Within 5 minutes I was laughing, jamming to a playlist, and felt like I'd known Kandalyn for years. I wish I could hire her to be my personal stylist for hair and makeup because I felt fabulous!"


4. What was it like posing with Kandalyn?

"So fun! She knows all the poses and angles that are going to show off your best features and ASSets. I felt confident, sexy, comfortable, and had an absolute blast during my session with Kandalyn.  Her electric personality radiates even more when she's in her element!"

5. What was your favorite part about your session?

"Women often forget the importance of taking time for themselves. It was so nice to pamper myself with some self care and get all dolled up for the occasion."


6. How was your overall experience?

"Amazing! I'm so glad that I did it and couldn't be happier with how fantastic the pictures turned out."

7. Describe your favorite picture and why?

"The guitar tease shot! I scheduled pics the week of my 17 year wedding anniversary and kept as much of it a secret as I could. My husband plays guitar, and I love how Kandalyn let me incorporate his into my session. So artistic and hottttt."


8. Would you recommend to another woman to get boudoir pictures taken with Kandalyn? If so why or why not?

"100% YES! Kandalyn was there every step of the way answering any questions I had from booking to reveal. If you're considering it, do it! It will make you feel empowered and beautiful."

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