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Meet Valerie

boudoir by kandalyn trans.png

1. What made you decide to do boudoir photos?

Recently single in my 40’s and had lost over 40lbs it was time to feel good about me again and do something for myself!


2. Why did you choose to have your pictures done with Kandalyn vs. someone else?

Saw her content and knew she would be perfect …..and she was!


3. Explain what it is was like walking into the session and starting with hair and makeup

"Only way to explain it was “meant to be.”  I had never met her before wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I walked in and within minutes knew I was in for a good time and felt like I had known her for years. Just totally chill and comfortable!"

Valerie shared that she felt more confident and comfortable after hair and makeup than she had at her previous shoot with another photographer.


4. What was it like posing with Kandalyn?

FUN! She’s great she shows you with her own body first and puts your body in positions that accentuate what your mama gave you…. Or a good plastic surgeon 😝

5. What was your favorite part about your session?

Laughing with Kandalyn. She showed me a view of my body that I had never seen before


6. How was your overall experience?


7. Describe your favorite picture and why?

I have a side tattoo that says “though she be but little she is fierce “ my only artistic input was a side pic with a hint of boob and that tattoo and she nailed it! Because that is me not quite 5’ tall and fierce


8. Would you recommend to another woman to get boudoir pictures taken with Kandalyn? If so why or why not?

Absolutely! Whether you are doing them for a significant other or yourself it is an empowering experience that regardless of body type you will feel beautiful and sexy and confident! Kandalyn spoke about boudoir being her calling and it is it really is!

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