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If you’re on the fence about having these pictures taken, just do it! Kandalyn did my hair and makeup before the shoot. As a mom of tiny people, it was so nice to be pampered (especially since I’m horrible at hair and makeup!!) I’m about as self conscious as they come, but Kandalyn made me feel beautiful and confident. We laughed so hard and had an amazing time. You don’t have to take boudoir photos for someone else. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that we women are sexy! Treat yo self. You won’t regret it! --Jessica Shaw


"I love all of my pictures!! This was hard for me because I’m a very self conscious person, have been my whole life but got worse after I had my 4 year old. My insecurities about myself could eat me alive. I get married in 19 days to a man who has never once made me feel like I wasn’t beautiful. I chose Kandalyn D. Green to help me open my eyes on what my future hubby see’s everyday. Working with Kandalyn is amazing and she makes you feel beautiful! She is such an inspiration." --Brooke

"I was a bit nervous and very hesitant to do these pictures.  These ladies (Hair and makeup team for boudoir mini days) made me feel amazing from the very beginning. Two kids, a stressful life, and 20 extra pounds, and I was feeling very down about myself. Of course I wanted to show my husband how sexy I was but in all honesty I needed this for myself. I have an awful self image disturbance. Growing up as a dancer I was told I had to be so skinny. You know what, you don’t have to be super skinny to look beautiful. Slowly, I’m starting to love my body for what it is. The female body is an amazing thing and can do wondrous things. We all need to love ourselves. Thank you Kandalyn D. Green for capturing these beautiful pictures!!"  --Mrs. Shafer 


Perspective of a husband:

"My wife gave me her photos in a book for xmas. I'm one of those hard to shop for guys but this was AMAZING and WOW-O-WOW a surprise. A surprise that she would do it but even more it highlighted all of her beauty. Yes she may not be the same as she was in her twenties or thirties but man o man she still has it today and these pictures do her great justice. Let me just say, if you plan to do this for your husband, better be prepared for him also because this will spice it up for several days, weeks, maybe months. And when things get a little slow or you want your husband to smile just text one of those pictures to him and bam, he will be impressed again. The pictures are beautiful and the link is great so I can view these pictures anywhere I want and remind me how special I am to be married with such a beautiful woman."  

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