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I don't expect my husband to help with the housework.

Have you seen this picture floating around facebook?

I have to be honest with you, when I first saw it...I got SUPER MAD. Why you might ask...well, because I'm sure you would love to hear my opinion, I'm going to share it with you :P

When I first read it, I was thinking to myself, with 3 kids under the age of 2, a breastfeeding mom who works 2 jobs from am I supposed to keep up with all of the housework on my own? It would be impossible. Yes, I do MORE of the housework than my hubby, but we are a team, and I cannot do it all on my own.

No, I didn't marry my husband to help with the housework. That would be stupid. But I also didn't JUST marry him to be my protector and provider. I married him so that we could go through life as a team. I knew he would make a great father, a fantastic lover (:P), a godly man, a companion, etc. But just as there have been times that he has had to help around the house--yes...even binge watching a tv show on netflix while he folds 203482 loads of laundry...I have also had to help with the financial providing. Where I fall short, he fills in, and vice versa.

BUT....after a second look at this, I almost sorta kinda, get where the person is coming from. Tony always says that the reason that so many marriages fail is because of failed expectations. Either they thought that their spouse wasn't living up to the person they thought they should be, OR they expect them to change into someone different than the person they married.

So should we EXPECT our husband to help with the house? Maybe that isn't the right words. Maybe instead we need to view marriage more as a team, and every member of the house plays their part--for some families that means that the wife mows the lawn (like my mother in law) instead of the husband, and that the husband folds all of the clothes (like one of my close friends) or that since you both hate folding clothes that you hire someone else to do it (this might just be the case in our family :P) But even though I do not expect my husband to do housework, I know that a GOOD husband (which mine is the best) will help me with anything that I need, and I will do the same for him :D

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