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Cold, dark, alone, heart racing

Dreams aren't real, you aren't here

I should be holding and embracing

but instead its dark and full of fear.

You were mine once, you were real right?

Your smile, your tiny hands, and big blue eyes?

Our family embraced you, and through the night

I held you and sang you lullabies.

You went home, you are no longer ours

But our love will never change or disappear

You will always be in our hearts and prayers

We will continue to love you from year to year.

I don't regret loving you, even though it has brought pain

You deserve love even when it comes with a loss

Christ sacrificed his own son though it seemed insane

and allowed us salvation through his death on the cross.

You are worthy of love even when it is complicated

I didn't hold myself back even though you I might lose

I gave it all--and even though my heart is deflated

It was worth it to be able be devoted to you.


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