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Take the sexy pic

I just read a story where a guy shares a pic of jumping in the pool with his wife on their wedding day. He shared to guys how "just jump in the pool" not because you want to, not because you care about the photo op, but because it is your wife's dream, and she is your queen.

Marriage is about give and take. You give when you can, and you take when you have to. Marriage is about living self-lessly to try and give your spouse a better life--if you both are, you are both going to have a wonderful life and marriage.

When I posted this picture in my boudoir group (Kandalyn Green's Boudie Group) to show people that we were offering shower and bath pictures--the comments BLEW UP. No one could believe my husband would let me photograph him in our shower (that he built) to promote our business.

Let me tell you something about my husband and my relationship.

We are a team.

We couldn't do this without each other, and we constantly tell each other to make sure we know we are needed. (People like to feel needed y'all).

He helps me with photography (that wasn't necessarily his life's dream) by editing and shooting, letting me take silly pictures of him for promotions and ads, taking a million pictures of me for social media content, letting me bounce my crazy ideas off of him, and helping with the kids and house cleaning--yes...even when he is tired of folding...he still does it. And most people don't even give him the recognition for pictures because I was the one that started the business (even though he is JUST as talented if not more than me)

I help him with his dream of becoming a pastor--I run the children's program and help lead worship when I'm needed. I plan most of our events at the church, and let him bounce sermon ideas off of me. (even though I get very little thank you or recognition for anything church related because I'm not the one behind the pulpit)

Why do I share this? Because marriage can be so hard. Because you constantly have to be dying to self in order to help promote someone else's desires. We are now almost 10 years into marriage, and we have seen so many of our loved ones struggling in their relationships, or going through divorce.

There is a point where your relationship can lose all of the fun. The kids are little, the house is a mess, everyone is working too much--and the time that gets sacrificed is the time that is fun. No more dates, no more game nights, no more sex...and then no more marriage.

We have to fight for the time together. I pray that as we don't stop fighting for the time to be together, to help each other, to encourage each other--and that you don't either.

And let your wife (or husband) take the dang sexy pic of you in the shower if that is what they want :P


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