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Jacob McKee and Bobbi Custer's wedding VFW Urbana Ohio #themckeetomyheart

Jacob and I graduated from Urbana University together, but I didn't know Bobbi until just a few months before the wedding. He had shared with me previously that Bobbi and I would be fast friends have so much in common. He was one hundred percent correct--I loved Bobbi within a few seconds of meeting her, and am now so blessed to call her my friend.

The week leading up to the wedding, everyone was anxious of the weather. I woke up the morning of her wedding to the forecast saying it was 100% chance of rain all day with no end in site. I knew that it was very special to Bobbi to get married in front of the chapel that her late brother built, but I also knew that she was a girl who would at the end of the day be happy that she was marrying the love of her life rain or shine.

To say that Bobbi and her bridesmaids were breathtaking is an understatement. Bobbi was glowing and feeling so loved as she was surrounded by closest friends and family. I was able to capture Bobbi and Jake getting ready as well as some pictures of them with their bridal party at Downsize Farm before heading over to the wedding.

Wedding dress "Enchanting by Mon Cheri Style 217108" and purchased from White Wisterial Bridal Boutique

After some quick pictures in the rain, the buses took the wedding party to the VFW in Urbana. Bobbi was able to have a few sweet seconds with her dad before she walked down the aisle to show him her dress. It was one of the sweetest "reveals" to dad I've ever seen. It only took a few short moments to explain to the bridesmaids and bride how the set up of the room went since they hadn't seen it since the wedding got moved inside. Bobbi's dad surprised her with a picture of the sweet chapel projected on the wall above where they would get married.

The ceremony went off without a hitch with sweet words, vows of love, and of course a beautiful kiss. There was no question that these two love birds will be very happy together. While they were setting up the VFW for the reception, the newly married couple and wedding party sneaked over to Urbana University for some pictures in the rain.