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Brandon and Kayliann Schwinn First Presbyterian Church of Norwalk/ Continental Country Banquet Hall

When Kayliann first messaged me about photographing her and Brandon's wedding, I knew that we would click right away. I loved hearing about her love story, and how she and Brandon met at the local coffee shop--and I could tell that photographing their wedding wouldn't just be another would be one of the sweetest I've ever experienced.

The day was nothing short of a wedding out of a fairy tale book. Ashley and I got there in time to photograph the girls finishing up getting ready, and I led the bridesmaids outside to wait to see Kayliann in her wedding dress. She was able to have a few sweet moments with her mother and sister as they finished getting her dress on.

The girls squealed and rushed to hug their dear friend and tell her how beautiful she looked. The joy and laughter that surrounded this day was absolutely magical. We were able to capture some pretty special moments between Kayliann and her bridesmaids as well as Brandon and his groomsmen before we headed into the church for the beautiful ceremony.

There was laughter and there were tears through the ceremony as Kayliann and Brandon pledged their lives to each other in front of their closest friends and family. Their own written vows were heartfelt and sincere. Between the special music and readings, it was easy to see that everyone not only completely supported their marriage, but they were emotionally connected to their love story.

After the ceremony we had a short cookie reception, then sent the couple off in grandpa's car to go get pictures at the coffee shop where they met, then off to a reservoir not far away for more pictures of the wedding party and couple. SHHHHHH don't tell that we may or may not have had to drive through a restricted area because my GPS didn't know the way around (the pictures on the bridge we all had to drive over in trucks!)

These pictures literally took my breath away as Kayliann and Brandon were so natural at showing their affection for each other. I could tell that their love will last a lifetime.

After these super sweet moments at the reservoir, we headed to the reception where there was delicious food, lots of laughter, tons of celebrating, more pictures, and the most special dances between husband and wife, father and daughter, and mother and son.

I was so absolutely blessed to witness and photograph the marriage of Kayliann and Brandon, and I wish them the very best in their future together. Thank you for choosing Kandalyn Green Photography

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