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Kassie and Jon Larsen get hitched!

I will never forget the day that Kassie told me that she was dating Jon Larson. We were roommates in college, but also went to high school with Jon back in the day. He was such a wonderful, nice guy--and quite honestly, when she told me, I couldn't have been happier!!! I always wanted her to be with someone who would treat her like a princess, make her laugh, and be a loving spouse for the rest of her life. I knew Jon could be that exact person.

When she got engaged, I was ridiculously excited to be chosen to photograph their special day. I knew it would be so filled with love and laughter (and maybe a few tears!)--and let's keep it real. We all knew Kassie would look AMAZING. :D

Kassie informed me that the ceremony would be a small, backyard wedding at the Larson homestead, and it was just as I imagined it as I walked up. Tons of flowers, beautiful blue skies, and family full of love and support.

I got to capture some sweet moments before the wedding of Kassie, her mother, and her sisters getting ready. They have such a special bond that I was holding back tears the entire time.

I was so excited to get to see the wedding ring because it was a surprise!!! Most guys give the "big" diamond for the engagement...not Jon. He saved the bigger ring for their wedding day. It was perfect to photograph in this beautiful bouquet designed by his sister Liz ( Jon even let me snap a few pictures of him before the wedding! :D

I couldn't wait to photography the beautiful bride. Kassie is one of the most beautiful women inside and out, and to capture her perfect day was such a joy!

I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the tent when Kassie's brother walked her out of the house. The wedding was so beautiful, and as Kassie and Jon declared their love for each other--it was so obvious that they loved each other dearly.

My favorite part of every wedding is taking pictures of the bride and groom. The way that Kassie and Jon look at each other just took my breath away.

Congratulations Jon and Kassie Larsen. I wish you many years of happy marriage. Thank you for choosing Kandalyn Green Photography!

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