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The Krajcik wedding was like Magic at Camp Myeerah Bellefontaine

Dana called me after the fireworks on July 1 to tell me that her and Nick were engaged. I was so excited and quickly asked when they would get married. "July 4th!!!" they exclaimed, and I could tell they were so excited.

"July 4th as in 3 days? Or as in a year and 3 days?" I asked my voice trailing off....

"3 days!"

After slight panic, Dana and I quickly talked about the details that were important to her, I looked through her pinterest boards to see what types of things she liked, and she quickly got off of the phone because she had to work super early in the morning the next day, and she still had a few people to call.

The couple decided to keep it a secret because they had envisioned a small, private wedding for just immediate family. I don't think they wanted talked out of their adventurous wedding plans, and wanted to treasure the few days of it being a secret--something only they knew.

The next 3 days were so fast as Dana got her wedding dress (thank you mom!), we picked out decorations, I made the bouquet, picked out hair styles, and giggled like little school girls about her wedding coming so soon.

The day of the wedding came, and Tammy (Dana's mom) came over to hang out while I did her hair. Dana checked all of the decorations, bouquet etc...and loved them all. Her and Nick decided they wanted to have their "first look" pictures done since they weren't going to wait until she walked down the aisle to see each other. It was so sweet and adorable.

The look on his face when he saw his beautiful bride was perfect. He loved her dress, and complimented her over and over about how beautiful she looked.

We got a few sweet pictures before the ceremony. I was so happy to see my dear friend so in love--and dang did she look beautiful!! (Nick looked pretty good too :P)

The ceremony started, and it was absolutely perfect. The love radiating from the couple, as well as the support from their families was so special.

After they were announced as husband and wife, I took some family pictures, and we did a remembrance picture for Nick's dad. Their goddaughter also had to be in a picture considering they met because they were both chosen as godparents for the "Little" kids.

I sneaked in a few more sweet couple pictures before sending them off to celebrate their new lives as husband and wife!

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your special day Dana and Nick!!!

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