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Defeat snatched right out of the jaws of VICTORY

My mind was blown this week. We met for dinner with our dear friends Debbie and Mike Roberts. He was keeping an eye on his beloved football team, and when they lost he said, "That's how they always are! Defeat snatched right out of the jaws of victory!"

His offhanded comment smacked me in the face, and I thought it might you guys too. Do you ever get so close to something and then sabotage yourself?

You start to lose a few lbs, feel better about yourself--and BAM eat a whole pie. Give up. Don't start again for a few months.

Meet a great guy and then don't return his call for a second date.

Get so close to hitting your goal--maybe run a full mile, and the 20 feet before you hit a mile you start to walk because it was "good enough."

You get an opportunity for a new job, and right before you give your 2 weeks notice, you decide to stay in the job that you don't like because "you might not like the other job more after all."

If you are one of my coaches--maybe you get so close to diamond, then one coach quits, and you stop working for a few months give up on the goal because of one set back.

I know it isn't just me, it is some of you too. So, these last few days I thought about what could cause us to sabotage our own successes--and here are a few things that I came up with:

1. You think you aren't worth it. Somewhere deep inside, you are "discipling" yourself because you don't think you really deserve to be happy or successful. Let me tell you something.


No one is better than you. God created us equal. Some people just work harder than others. Some want it more. But no one is better than you.

2. You settle for less than your best. These two things go hand in hand. You aren't giving your all because you are afraid that even if you do--you still won't be successful, and it is EASIER to sit back as a 2nd rate version of yourself because you can always say…"well if I tried…I would have succeeded."

This is losers mentality. You would surprise yourself if you gave it your all. Since I already told you that you are worth it--it is worth knowing if you can accomplish anything. Stop being scared of failure. No one who has done something awesome hasn't failed 2234908234 times.

3. Stop allowing yourself to stay comfortable. Pretty much everything awesome is outside of your comfort zone. Going on a first day is SCARY. Agreeing to marry someone is SCARY. Having children is SCARY. Getting in shape is SCARY…but most of the time…the scary part is where it gets amazing.

It all comes down to mindset. You convince yourself one way or the other every time you set your mind to something. You convince yourself that you can or cannot say no to pie. You convince yourself that you can or cannot run a mile. You convince yourself that you can or cannot finish college…etc.

Tell me today. What CAN YOU do?

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