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Purple Glove

Do you have an app like "timehop" to remind you of the things you used to do, pictures of memories, statuses of lessons you have learned? Sometimes we can teach ourselves lessons that we learned years ago that somehow we need to relearn today. This story is one of those stories. It is from my past, but the lessons are applicable even today. First I have to tell you a little background information on my life/my sister's life in order to paint for you the entire picture. My sister Crystalyn was born normal 29 years ago. She was given the DPT shot just like every other baby, and she had a bad reaction. This caused her to be mentally and physically handicapped. Some of you are probably sad at this point, thinking back to the moment when your baby got their shots, how you would have felt. But I personally wouldn't want my sister any different. She is a living testament of God's love every single day. Let me explain. As humans, when we worship at church, maybe we worry about if we are singing the wrong note, or if people will judge us if we raise our hands. Maybe we are worried people will judge us if we don't raise our hands. Sometimes, it is hard to get out our our own heads and simply worship our Savior. Not Crystalyn. She sings loud and proud (yes as off key as they come) and she does her own sort of sign language while the tears are streaming down her face. I'd venture to say that that is the kind of worship that God wants each of us to have--completely uninhibited worship. My mother reminded me of a story of when Crystalyn had surgery a few years back. She had to fill out a survey, and they had Crystalyn fill out the same survey to see her point of view. They asked, "Do you play softball, if so how well do you play it?" Mom wrote, "Well, she struggles with running, needs to use a tee to hit the ball, and can't really catch or throw very well." Crystalyn wrote, "I am great at softball, and I can run really fast." Don't we all wish that we could all have self esteem like this? In fact, one time Crystalyn said to me, "I am the most beautiful sister." "Oh yeah, why is that Crystalyn?" I asked just wanting to know what she would say next. "Because I have chocolate brown eyes." She said simply. "You are right Crystalyn, you are the most beautiful sister."

I think that this is how God views us. He doesn't see our insecurities, he sees us how he made us. He loves her chocolate brown eyes. But somehow, for some reason, we let the world tell us all about our insecurities. When we let the world tell us what is wrong with us--that is when we can no longer see ourselves the way God created us to be. I'm not saying that Crystalyn never gets down on herself--she is still human, she does, but I can honestly say that she is an inspiration to every one around her. I think we could all use her as an example of how to really connect with our Savior. Yes, that is only the background! Get ready!!! Okay, so the last week or so, it seems that Satan has really been attacking Tony and I. (Usually a good sign that you are right where God wants you!!!) He has tried to convince us that we don't make enough money to make it, let alone to adopt a child. But...the good news is he isn't going to win. :) My mom told me a story about Crystalyn that changed my whole point of view. (sometimes we need those reminders don't we ;) ) Well, Crystalyn plays special olympics softball. If you have never watched a game, you need to do it immediately. Anyway, it was decided that Crystalyn needed to get a glove for her right hand. Her left hand is the one that she struggles with the most, and she has a hard time even getting the glove on that hand. Crystalyn went to Wal-mart and couldn't find anything that fit well on her right hand, and she was a little discouraged. Mom picked her up to go shopping, and on the way, she prayed, "Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that we will find the perfect glove for Crystalyn to fit on her right hand so she can have so much fun playing softball....and God, can you please make it purple?" (Purple is her FAVORITE color--everything she has is purple) So mom walked her into the store, and low and behold, Crystalyn spotted the purple glove right away. You'll never guess--IT WAS PURPLE AND FOR THE RIGHT HAND!! You see, God not only cares about your health, your financial status, or your marriage. GOD EVEN CARES ABOUT YOUR PURPLE GLOVE. When I got to the game last night, the first thing Crystalyn wanted to show me was her new purple glove that matches her purple bat. What are the gloves in your life? What are you afraid to ask God because you think it is too trivial for him? God can do some pretty big miracles--but every now and then, I think he finds just as much joy in doing the little ones too.

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