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What's the difference?

I hear people say constantly, “I wish I had the motivation that you do.” Or “I wish I could have the time to work out like you do.” Or “I wish I could make money from home like you do.” Do you know what the difference between me and those people are?

My why.

The reason WHY I do what I do keeps me fueled and moving towards my goals when the going gets tough. Would you like to hear some of those “whys?” My husband works 7 days a week right now between his construction job, and being a pastor with church on Saturdays and Sundays. He is found almost every night after the kiddos go to bed working on something for the church whether it is a powerpoint, a message, a blog, or trying to conquer this crazy thing called social media and how to reach people. With 3 kiddos under 3, you know that there is no rest from the time he gets home till the time those kids are in bed. He is such a great dad, playing with them, helping make dinner, cleaning up—whatever…and it is go go go constantly. One of the things that fuels me to keep going is that I want to retire my husband so he can just be a pastor. I want to see him get a full nights rest, and really have the energy to pour Jesus’s love into the congregation and building those relationships.

The reason that I want to eat healthy and exercise is that I struggled with eating disorders and low self-esteem growing up, and I want my kids to see me as a strong confident woman that they want to look up to—and then also model their own lives after. I want them to see themselves as strong and capable of anything—not hiding in a bathroom puking up their lunch for fear of gaining a few lbs. I’ve said it before—and it is sooooo powerful. If your kids had the same self-esteem of themselves that you have of YOURSELF….would they view themselves in a positive manner, or should you start working on yours so that they can find that confidence in themselves as well? Most importantly—I have this amazing gift to give—I can’t keep it to myself!!! I have a huge desire to see other men and women be able to live financially free, have confidence in themselves, and stay home with their kiddos if they want to. I hate that women are marching to Washington to demand that they make as much money as men, when there is an opportunity right in front of them to make as much money as they want (with hard work that is!). I heard this quote, and it struck me so hard the other day, “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.” Are you taking actions every day to move your life towards the direction you want to go? Or are you doing the same things every day complaining about where those actions are keeping you right where you are? Tony and I realized a few weeks back that we had stopped dreaming…I know it sound crazy since I am constantly telling you guys to dream big, stay motivated, work hard. But somewhere along the line I let myself put ME in a box and think that life will always be like this. I will always just be right where I am. Yes….my friends. It was a happy morning when I realized if I allow myself to dream, and work as hard as I possibly can…I will not be stuck in this 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house forever :D So who is with me? Trump keeps saying he will “make America great again,” but the only way for America to be great is if you and me, and our fellow Americans DECIDE that WE want to be great. We throw off our excuses and push towards our dreams and goals. Let’s do this!!!

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