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Do you ever feel like time just keeps passing so quickly and before you know it, another day has come and gone, a week, a month, a year? If we aren’t intentional with our time, it just flies out the window before we know it. I heard once, “the days are long, and the years are short.” Sooooo true right? Well…as we know time is precious—no wonder what stage of life we are in. And the stages of life seem so long in the moment, but are so short to look back on…but do you realize that God has you in these moments for a specific reason?? I’ve been reading through the book of Esther because (1) She is one of my favorite Bible characters, (2) She saves her entire race (hello #girlpower) (3) She overcomes fear by stepping out of her comfort zone. Most of you know that Tony and I have recently planted a church, and even though it is scary, and crazy, and hard work—I just knew that I would find encouragement in scripture. So I turned to Esther and read the story about how she was chosen as a queen, and she had to step out of her comfort zone, do what was considered unsafe—perhaps could even lead to her death in order to save her people.

I want to challenge you!!!

What are you going through in your life right now that God has you going through specifically to bring Glory to Him? Maybe it is a trial, maybe it is something hard, maybe it is something awesome, maybe it is an opportunity that you are scared of—but totally know God is calling you to something bigger than you??

Here is your sign :D

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