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I think every girl in middle school wants to fit in. You want to have the shoes, clothes, and hair cut that everyone else has deemed "cool." You beg your parents for the name brands, and swear that without them your life will be ruined.

As you get older, sometimes it seems easier to fade into the crowd, or hide behind your fears of what others might think of you. You may even paint a "prettier" picture of what your life is like on facebook so that you seem like you fit in with "everyone else" and their granite counter top life.

I saw this beautiful goose a while back when I was taking maternity pictures for my dear friend. It caught my eye, and I literally stopped the session so that I could go get pictures of this extremely unique goose.


I didn't stop to take pictures of any of the other "normal" geese that fit in. There was nothing special about their gray and black, and nothing that caught my eye.

Why do we try so hard to fit into the mold that someone else has for our lives? Why do we try and impress people by the "things" that we have? We do we want to be "just like everyone else?"

Psalm 139: 19-20 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made

God made each of us different, and he doesn't want us all to be exactly the same. He gave you your eye color, your hair color/texture, skin color, body type--exactly how he wanted it.

He didn't mess up on you.

God gave you specific talents, strengths, and abilities to do wonderful things.

Now use them….and!

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