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It's not just a "Rumer" Chelsea and Nick got married! @ Tree Links

It's not a secret that I absolutely love weddings, and they make me tear up the whole time I'm photographing because I absolutely love marriage. I was excited to work with Chelsea and Nick after having met them at Davianna and Kyle's wedding. I knew the family was so sweet to photograph, and I knew that it would be a perfect and special day for everyone involved.

It started as a rainy day, and so the outdoor wedding got moved inside, but this did not upset the beautiful bride. She took it with stride, and didn't let anything disappoint her perfect day. I captured a few of the stunning details, decorations, and rings while the last minute things were getting ready.

The men were ready for pictures first, so even though it was a torrential downpour outside, we were able to capture a few special moments inside.

Sadly, the best man, Chris, passed away in a car accident last summer, but Nick still wanted to have his memory held high at his wedding and decided to keep him as the best man. He was not only family, he was a dear friend, and I love when people take the "unconventional" route and choose to honor the memory of the person/people they love.

We were able to capture some sweet pictures with a picture of him, as well as a few goofy pictures of the rest of the groomsmen.

It was easy for anyone to fall in love with Chelsea and Nick's son Ian, who made a dashing little ring bearer.

I was able to sneak back into the dressing room to capture the last few moments of Chelsea and her bridesmaids finishing getting ready. The bride was glowing! It was so easy to see she was ready to marry the love of her life.

"I'm not nervous about getting married to Nick, we have loved each other forever..." Chelsea shared as she was getting zipped up

It was time for the wedding to start, and one of my all time favorite moments to capture is the bride walking down the aisle with her daddy, and then the bride and groom getting to see each other for the first time. Nick was taken aback by his beautiful bride, and I loved seeing the emotion on his face knowing he would spend the rest of his life with Chelsea.

Here are a few others of my favorite moments of the ceremony:

After the beautiful couple were married, we were able to grab some pictures outside because the weather cleared up!! :D

Some of my favorites of the wedding party:

And of course the pictures of the couple are ALWAYS my favorites! I love sneaking away so we I can capture the first intimate moments as husband and wife.

I choose you. And I will continue to choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in heartbeat, I'll keep choosing you.

Every love story is Beautiful,

but ours is my


When I finished capturing some sweet moments of the bride and groom, we went into the reception to have some food and fun.

I thought that they were going to be "nice" during the cake eating, but they surprised me!

It's so easy to see that this couple is so very much in love

Probably two of the best pictures I've ever taken of the bouquet toss and getting the garter! I loved the sense of humor between this couple!

I spied Ian out throwing rocks into the fountain, and even got him to smile for a few pictures :D

Maci loved wearing the pictures of the important family and friends who had passed on. I loved getting to see her dance in the puddles celebrating their memory.

I was so blessed to capture these sweet moments of the Rumer wedding. Thank you for choosing Kandalyn Green photography!

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