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Mc-Laugh-lin Wedding at the Armory in Kenton Ohio

I titled this blog this way because I'm pretty sure I have never laughed and cried so much while photographing a wedding!! It is perfect that the word "laugh" is actually in their last name! I've known Stacy my entire life, and after taking their engagement pictures, I was super pumped to capture their special moments at the wedding because they are so in love it is ridiculously perfect.

The girls were still getting ready, so I was able to steal the groom away for some pictures first. You can't tell that he was so excited to marry his bride can you?

I sneaked back into the dressing room to grab some last minute pictures of the ladies getting ready, and then back outside to get pictures of the ladies before the guest started to arrive.

This ceremony made me laugh and cry so much that I had a hard time seeing through all of the tears!! I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

I'm pretty sure Stacy did more complimenting to all of the people she hugged than the average bride who is probably mostly receiving the compliments. I just couldn't love her enough.

After many hugs, we headed to the park to take more pictures, which was such a beautiful location!

I let Steven and Stacy have a few minutes to share by themselves before we headed back to the reception and fun!

This was probably one of my favorite receptions between the laughter and tears during the toasts, the sweet moments between the bride and groom, and being able to take pictures from the balcony!!!

Thank you for choosing Kandalyn Green Photography, it was such a beautiful wedding in which to be a part.

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