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Brad and Ashley Roberts' country weddin'

Brad is my cousin, so I have known him all of my life, but when I found out he was dating Ashley Patton, I wondered how they would be as a couple. I went to high school with Ashley, but with her a grade above me, we didn't get a chance to become friends.

The first time I saw them together was when I took their family pictures and Lane's 6 month pictures last 4th of July. Not only were they such a cute couple, but I could easily see that they cared so much for each other and their son. We've taken pictures a few times since then, including engagement pictures--and there is no doubt in my mind that their love has just grown for each other. I was psyched when they asked me to do their wedding pictures because I knew they are so in love and the day would be so perfect and beautiful.

I took some pictures of the gorgeous bride first, then some of the mothers pouring dirt into the unity tree before the ceremony. The tree would then get planted on their property with some dirt from each of Brad and Ashley's childhood homes, as well as the ashes from Ashley's grandma.

I got some cute pictures of Lane and Brad before the ceremony, and before long, Ashley walked down the aisle to proclaim her love to the man of her dreams, and he to grab her for their first kiss as husband and wife. It was so beautiful

After the ceremony, we got to sneak away to take some sweet pictures, which is always my favorite part--especially of this beautiful couple!

The reception was more about kids playing, drinking a few beers with friends, and playing games than it was about dancing--and it was probably one of the most fun receptions I've been to!

It was such a joy seeing this beautiful couple proclaim their love to each other. Thank you for choosing Kandalyn Green Photography.

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