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The Owens' Wedding at Wren Farm-Mechanicsburg

Monday afternoon I was sent messages from several friends of a screen shot of a bride looking for a photographer for her wedding on Saturday. Since I was due to have Elias on Sept 1, I didn't plan to photograph any weddings in September because I didn't know how the delivery would go, when he would actually be born etc.

I had just posted recently that I was actually ready to photograph again since Eli was born a little early, and I was getting the itch to capture some special moments--but I didn't expect to get the opportunity to photograph such a beautiful wedding!

Ciera called me to discuss details, and I shared with her that I had just had a baby and am breastfeeding. She completely understood--said I could bring Elias to nurse, and bring someone else to help with him--as we made plans for how we could both help each other out--and I was ridiculously excited since weddings are my favorite, and this is usually my biggest wedding time!

Driving up to Wren Farm, I knew it was going to be such a beautiful wedding. The huge barn and house took my breath away! I was early enough to steal a few pictures of the the the barn, the beautiful bride and her girls before the wedding started.

After the wedding, we had a blast with the wedding party, and then some sweet pictures of just the bride and groom before the reception. It was a wild bunch!

We sent the bridal party off to allow the bride and groom a few minutes alone to capture some special moments. This is always my favorite part of photographing weddings. I love to see the bride and groom have a few minutes to connect, breathe, and reflect on their wedding day.

After some kissing and laughter, we headed to the barn to get the party started! From the wild shoe game, to cake and dancing--the night was full of laughter and tears from beginning to end.

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