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What to wear for family photos

I have been getting this question more and more, so I would love to give you some advice on what to wear for family pictures.

1. Not too many patterns. Sometimes a lot of patterns can be a distraction from the pictures or come across as clashing. I usually pick one person to have a pattern, and then choose the rest of the colors outfits based on that. For instance in this picture below--The dad has plaid and each of the other members of the family have those coordinating colors.

2. Coordinating colors, not too matchy. I LOVE to match my kiddos, but you don't have to have the exact colors or outfit to look good together. We all remember the white shirt and jeans look from the nineties--let's not do that! haha!!! But there are still great ways to look good together without looking tooooo much alike. In the picture below, the girls have the same dress, just different colors that coordinate with the moms flowers.

3. Take notice of the season. I (personally) prefer more of brighter colors in the winter (great to contrast the snow!), darker colors in the fall (but not tooo matchy to the leaves or you will blend in), mid colors in the summer, and lighter colors in the spring.





4: Clothing collections. In children's clothing especially, there are usually groups of clothes together that are similar colors. This can make it a lot easier if you have a lot of kids!

5. Mommy has to feel confident. I have learned that if the mom doesn't look good in her opinion, than she will hate every picture. Don't try and squeeze into clothes that are too tight, or wear something that doesn't make you feel confident. This is a time to splurge on yourself!! If you are going to pay good money to get your pictures done, you want to make sure that you feel good in the pictures so you actually hang them around your house. Even just a new sweater, jean jacket, scarf, necklace--or other accessories can leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Last but not least, if you aren't sure if your outfits go well together, feel free to message your photographer with pictures of the clothing you are thinking--they've been doing this a long time, and can help figure out if everyone looks good together.

Hope this helps!

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