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Why photographers hate pinterest

Kinda a harsh title right? We don't really hate pinterest--there are tons of super cute ideas on there, lots of DIY projects, dream houses, great blogs etc...but let me explain why you shouldn't send your photographer 31023948 pinterest pictures asking them to capture exactly the same thing during your session.

1. We are artists--and like to use our talents to create our OWN masterpieces.

You wouldn't ask Michelangelo to replicate the Mona Lisa right? Or Da Vinci to carve out David? It's the same idea. You are setting your photographer up for failure when you find a picture on pinterest and think that they can recreate the same lighting, background, poses, outfits etc off of another artist's work. A better idea is to go to YOUR photographer's website, screenshot a few of the pictures that you like of THEIR work, and send to them saying you like this type of picture. Please understand that every session is situational, and we will not even be able to re-create another family's pictures, but we can see the type of pictures that led you to choose us in the first place.

Instead of looking up "candid family pictures" on pinterest, look up a joke that will make your kids laugh so I can capture a natural candid picture of you with your family.

2. Not the same poses work for every body type, family size, or personality.

Your photographer is going to try the best they can to get to know your personality and let it shine through your pictures. We have also taken classes, studied diligently, and practiced what poses look best for different body types. We want you to look the best you can so that you feel beautiful and confident in your pictures. Trust us. It's the same for families. Some poses look great with just one kid, or only good with kids of a certain age. Some poses look better for a curvy Senior girl, and others for an athletic build girl. Let us work our magic to create the best poses for you and your family.

3. Some pinterest ideas are outdated and overused.

We LOVE to come up with clever pictures, but we don't feel clever when the last 5 weddings we have taken pictures at have asked us to take the same type of picture over and over again. You don't want your pictures to look exactly like your best friend's wedding pictures do you? We don't either!!! We love to do something different and special at every wedding (or family session) we photograph, but it can be very difficult when there is a list of *outdated* ideas you want us to create leaving no room for artistic expression and ideas.

4. We feel like you don't trust our work.

You hired us for a reason, but when you send us other photographer's work asking us to try and replicate it--it makes us feel like you don't think we know what we are doing, or you don't think we are good at our jobs.

It comes down to this--we are in tons of photography groups, and get to see some of the best photographers in the world. We learn from their posts, pay for webinars and training, and see pictures that would blow your pinterest board out of the water. We know you are just SOOOO excited and want to help--we get it, but if you would get off pinterest, go to your photoshoot ready to have fun, and not with unrealistic expectations, your pictures will turn out fabulous. Trust us. :D

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