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Derek and Brooke King--Ohio Caverns and West Liberty First Church of God

I was so blessed to be able to watch Brooke grow up from middle school since she was one of our youth kids. She grew into such a beautiful young lady that I am so proud to know. Derek swept her completely off of her feet, and it wasn't long until she was sharing that she felt like he was the one.

Derek left for the military and graduated from boot camp, and never did their love diminish. He soon proposed, and they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. I enjoyed the sweet conversations back and forth as they planned their small wedding at the West Liberty First Church of God with their first look and pictures at Ohio Caverns first.

After some sweet pictures at Ohio Caverns, we went over to the West Liberty First Church of God where Brother Nate spent a few minutes sharing about the importance of marriage and how it is ordained by God, led the couple in their vow to love, protect, and fight for each other every day, and pronounced them married in front of God and their closest family and friends.

Quickly after their first kiss, everyone joined hands and prayed over the couple as they move to a new state so that Derek can serve his country in the military. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!

I was so incredibly blessed to be asked to be a part of their special day!!! Congratulations to Derek and Brooke, and thank you for choosing Kandalyn Green Photography!

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